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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices shown for stickers are a starting point *Customer supplied art does not need any modification*.

Costs depend on a few factors – logo size, amount of colours in logo, quantity needed.

*Some designs are intricate or larger and need more time/material OR you may need some Graphic Designer help to make your sticker happen – I can do that too….costs may change by a few dollars (nothing too crazy) – if so, you will be notified before any extra charges.

Contact me for a quote.

Payments can be made via Cash, Credit, Debit and PayPal.

Yes, please check out the Sticker Designer to upload/make your design and I can have a look and make recommendations to complete your order.

Your sticker is made using a couple different processes depedning on your needs. One colour vinyl stickers are cut and masking applied. Full colour stickers have a bit different process (more to come)

Step 1 (using the designer)  – design your sticker with the online designer, hit send. I will respond in an email regarding your design.

Step 2 – (not using designer) – contact me through the FAQ/Contact page and I will help get you what you need done.

How your sticker is made…

Vinyl – Step 1 – The design is manipulated into an svg filetype.

Step 2 – The design/logo is cut and weeded (inverse items removed from the design) using vinyl in whatever colour you decide. 3M masking applied to the front so that the sticker can be removed.

Step 3 – Peel masking and stick on. (clean surface first)

Step 4 – Proudly show off your sticker 🙂


Vinyl – Ideally an SVG EPS are best but I can work with anything. A black logo/design on white background jpeg can work to. If it is easily traceable, it can be done…or I can fix your art (small charge) so that you get the t-shirt you want.

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